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KS5 Applied Science


Our Design and Technology curriculum is broken down into ‘non-negotiables’ – the vital areas that a student needs to master in that subject. These non-negotiables underpin the learning throughout the duration of the study and our students understand that after developing competency in each strand, they will aim to develop mastery in each. The learning is coherently sequenced across the 4-year plan and mapped cross-curricular, and our sequence of learning plans specifies which non-negotiables are the learning foci and/or the knowledge that students will gain.

We study 4 units leading to an Extended Certificate in Applied Science.

Mandatory Units

  • Unit 1 Principles and Applications of Science – assessed through external examination
  • Unit 2 Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques – assessed through assignments
  • Unit 3 Science investigation skills – assessed through external examination

Then we study another optional unit depending on the specialism of the teachers.

We have done Physiology of Human Body Systems and Applications of Organic Chemistry in the past.

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