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Our curriculum intent is clear: we aim to inspire the next generation of leading engineers, scientists and innovators.

Our curriculum intent is clear: we aim to inspire the next generation of leading engineers, scientists and innovators.

All of our curriculum areas are broken down into ‘non-negotiables’ – the vital areas that a student needs to master in that subject. These non-negotiables underpin the learning throughout the duration of the study and our students understand that after developing competency in each strand, they will aim to develop mastery in each. The learning is coherently sequenced across the 4-year plan for each subject and mapped cross-curricular, and our sequence of learning plans specifies which non-negotiables are the learning foci and/or the knowledge that students will gain.

All of our teachers are subject experts and teachers work in partnership with students in a business-like workplace, with high expectations of all, and with employer partners. Our teachers are trained in ensuring that students know more and remember more of the curriculum to become experts themselves.

Studying at UTC Leeds

Our exciting curriculum offer, including employer-led projects and enrichment activities, is designed to give students a well-rounded education to open up the best possible opportunities for future study and career progression.

It enables students to develop the following key employability skills that are highly sought after by today’s leading employers:

The seven employability skills are central to the curriculum and the driving force behind all aspects of UTC Leeds. They were devised in conjunction with our employer and university partners, to ensure that students leaving UTC Leeds are highly employable. Through the unique opportunities that studying at the college provides, students will demonstrate a high level of confidence and skill in these areas, setting them apart from other candidates.

Level 3 (GCE A Levels and Technical Levels)

(The following information relates to our current curriculum offer. If you are interested in a place from September 2023, please refer to our prospectus.)

Students can choose from the two pathways shown below.

All students will follow a core curriculum in mathematics and engineering and can then opt to personalise their curriculum with further A Level subjects and/or a second engineering qualification, as shown in the pathway table below:

A Level
AS Level
Level 3 Core
+Single Engineering
Technical Level
1 x A Level equivalent
+1 Further A LevelYear 13 Optional EPQ
(Extended Project Qualification)
Double Engineering
Technical Level
2 x A Level equivalent
Optional additional A LevelYear 13 Optional EPQ
(Extended Project Qualification)

* The level of mathematics that you study will depend on your GCSE grade. Students who successfully
pass core maths will gain two level 3 qualifications including statistics.

Personalise the curriculum by studying further A Levels in:

Students build knowledge and understanding of engineering through/:

  • Contributing to a series of industry-led ‘major projects’
  • Visiting partner organisations to gain first-hand experience of the engineering world
  • Partnering with the engineering faculty at the University of Leeds
  • Working with mentors from industry and education

Students develop life skills, independence and knowledge through..

  • Leading and taking part in enrichment activities
  • Taking part in RE, PSHE and citizenship
  • Receiving high quality careers education

In supporting our students on their journey to the best grades, UTC teachers continuously monitor each student’s progress. Progress grades are formally assessed and shared with students and parents three times a year. The data from these assessments is used to inform individual support that students may require to maximise their progress in each subject.

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