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Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum intent is clear: we aim to inspire the next generation of leading engineers, scientists and innovators.

To do this, we offer a curriculum bespoke to UTC Leeds at both KS4 and KS5. Students study a unique curriculum, designed to enable them to study a range of subjects whilst also focusing on our specialist areas in engineering and advanced manufacturing.

It also enables students to develop the following key employability skills that are sought after by today’s leading employers.

Curriculum Implementation

All of our curriculum areas are broken down into ‘non-negotiables’ – the vital areas that a student needs to master in that subject. These non-negotiables underpin the learning throughout the duration of the study and our students understand that after developing competency in each strand, they will aim to develop mastery in each. The learning is coherently sequenced across the 4-year plan for each subject and mapped cross-curricular, and our sequence of learning plans specifies which non-negotiables are the learning foci and/or the knowledge that students will gain.

All of our teachers are subject experts and teachers work in partnership with students in a business-like workplace, with high expectations of all, and with employer partners. Our teachers are trained in ensuring that students know more and remember more of the curriculum to become experts themselves.

Engineering and Advanced Technologies

Engineering and Science are all around us! From the cars we drive, the computers and phones we use every day, to the solar panels we see on house roofs, the medical equipment our doctor is using, and even the food that we eat!

The knowledge and skills of an engineer have at some point been involved in the design and manufacture of all these products, making it an incredibly diverse and fast-paced area to work in with the potential to make an impact, bring about change and gain access to exciting opportunities. From designing and constructing visionary buildings, or developing the latest green technology to help save our planet, to inventing new robotic medical devices which can improve healthcare.

To be an engineer, scientist or designer requires curiosity, creativity and communication skills – not just technical and scientific ability – so it needs a wide variety of people. In fact, different types of people, women as well as men, and people from different cultural backgrounds, with different ways of seeing the world and a variety of skill sets, will be essential to develop all the up-and-coming opportunities for engineering and advanced technologies in the decades ahead.

We provide our students with the skills and qualifications needed to succeed in a wide range of professional sectors including:

  • Robotics and control systems
  • Software development
  • Construction and civil engineering
  • Medical and environmental engineering
  • Biomechanics and physiology
  • Automotive and aeronautical engineering
  • Architecture and architectural engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Telecommunications and mobile communications

A woman’s world

We are working closely with the WISE campaign to support our female students to access career opportunities and develop as role models for future young women in the city to follow these routes.

Developing the talent pool in the Leeds City Region

Leeds and the wider city region is home to the largest manufacturing sector in the UK worth over £7 billion! With over 140,000 employees in 7,000 varied manufacturing businesses, including large companies such as Coca-Cola, Siemens, Cummins, Haribo, BorgWarner, VTL and Turbo Precision, Leeds City Region offers future engineers the opportunity to showcase their skills globally and provide innovative solutions to often difficult production challenges.

Students studying at UTC Leeds have access to this amazing wealth of opportunity through our close links with employers. As a result, our graduates are equipped with the technical, personal and professional skills required to succeed in this dynamic and thriving economy.

Leading the world

The UK manufacturing industry is acknowledged as a world leader in sectors including automotive and aerospace engineering through to the creative industries and utilities. In fact, the UK employs over 5 million engineers and the number of jobs is set to double. An estimated 1.28 million new science, technology and engineering professionals are needed in the UK by 2020.

Find out about the curriculum offered in KS4 and KS5:

Annual Year Group Plan (4-Year Plan)

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