Meet Michael Lees, Performing Engineering Operations Assessor - Teacher Profiles - UTC Leeds

Michael Lees worked in the RAF (one of our Industry Partners!) for 25 years before deciding to try his hand at something different. He started using his engineering experience to teach Design & Technology lessons and then joined us at UTC Leeds as Performing Engineering Operations (PEO) Assessor.

We caught up with Michael to find out more about his experience of teaching at UTC Leeds.

Why did you decide to start teaching at the UTC?

It immediately caught my attention as an institution dedicated to producing the next generation of engineers. As an engineer for 30+ years, it was an opportunity I couldn’t let pass. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that process?

What is it that interests you about your subject?

Engineering is such a diverse subject; it encompasses many different skills and stretches your abilities every day. Every day is definitely different, which has always appealed to me.

What are your ambitions for your department?

My ambition is to see the department continue to consistently produce young people who find their vocation within the engineering universe, and to keep producing tomorrow’s engineers.

What kind of projects do the students work on in your subject?

Within PEO, students complete six units across six different areas: Health & Safety, Working Efficiently & Effectively, Working with Others, Machine Operations, Hand Fitting Operations, and Computer Aided Design.

What has been your highlight of working at the UTC?

Seeing our young people heading into the world of work, apprenticeships or university knowing how well-equipped, skilled and knowledgeable they already are about engineering.

What do you think are the strengths of a UTC?

It is definitely making sure that every student is prepared, skilled and able to head into their future opportunities confidently.

Why should students come to the UTC?

To get a head-start when looking to take up opportunities in the engineering sector. I firmly believe that no young person is in a stronger position than the students that leave the UTC.

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