Meet our Alumni: Tom Moss - Student Stories - UTC Leeds

Tom Moss joined UTC Leeds for the sixth form and studied A Level maths, physics and computer science alongside a technical qualification in engineering. Tom has now progressed to Heriot Watt University to do electrical engineering with computer science, his favourite subjects. He secured an A in computer science and a distinction* in engineering at the UTC.

“I was tempted by an apprenticeship but I decided I wanted a masters degree. Once I get that I can become a chartered engineer which is handy.

“I always wanted to do engineering which is why I joined here. I feel I’ve come out of the UTC with a lot. I feel I’ve become a lot more social. We all made friends pretty quickly. It’s a nice environment to study in.

“It feels like being in the centre of Leeds, you feel quite in the city at the UTC. I feel like I’m more accustomed to city life and a working day.”

Projects were a significant part of Tom’s engineering course at the UTC:

“For the first sixth months we had a lot of hands-on practice in the machine shops with the lathes and then using all the pneumatic kit. We did a few employer projects in Year 12.

“We did a big project with Agfa to do with waste heat from their chemical reactions, we all had to come up with solutions for what to do with that. We ended up using it to heat the warehouses, which saved some money.”

Find out more about UTC Leeds’ employer partner, global printing manufacturer Agfa Graphics.

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