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Max Turner has his eye on a career in engineering and decided to move to UTC Leeds for GCSEs in order to specialise early.

He said: “I’m glad I picked engineering at the UTC, I’ve really enjoyed it. My results show it was the right move.

He added: “I feel I’m two years ahead now, and I want to continue to study engineering in sixth form so that I remain two years ahead when I go into industry.”

Max sat nine GCSEs and passed all of them, with grade 7 (low A grade) in three subjects, Computer Science, Geography and Physics, as well as an A in Resistant Materials.

Max commented: “It’s been good at the UTC, it’s done what I wanted it to do. It’s helped me to progress forward, and I’ve had good opportunities with employers. For example, I did a week with Unilever shadowing apprentices and engineers and I learnt a lot. It showed me what it’s like to work in engineering jobs and helped me to apply what I’d learnt at the UTC to industry.”

Now the 16-year-old is already eyeing up a future job as a Mechanical Engineer and is set on obtaining A Levels and further technical qualifications at the UTC to help realise his ambition.

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