Meet Maisie: one of our female engineers at UTC Leeds

Maisie joined UTC Leeds to give herself a head start: ‘The courses at UTC Leeds are better than elsewhere – I was particularly interested in the computing courses offered. I’m interested in both computing and engineering. I’d like to be an aerospace engineer.’

Continuing, Maisie said: ‘It was a trip to the Aviation Academy in Leeds and some research I did afterwards that really made me sure I wanted to come to UTC Leeds. You can be more creative in your learning here.’

Already, Maisie is benefitting for the alternative offer available at UTC Leeds: ‘I’ve had the chance to be involved in the UTC Leeds’ Rocket Week, where people from NASA and CERN came in. I would never have had that opportunity at my old school. We’ve also had lots of companies come and talk to us. We had two weeks of going to work at various companies, for example Medecil and Veolia.’

Discussing what she would say to other people considering joining the UTC, Maisie said: ‘It is better than most sixth forms, because at most sixth forms you just go in for your classes, whereas here there are teachers ready to help you in your free periods and they treat you more like adults. Here you have more opportunities.’

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March 13th 2019 Open Evening

We will be running a series of open events throughout the year for potential Y10 and Y12 applicants. Our open evenings showcase the unique offer that we provide to students with a passion for engineering and science.

At our open evenings you will have the opportunity to meet staff, students and our employer and university partners. As well as experience the state of the art facilities we have to offer and discover more about the courses offered.

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