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Former Head Boy Ziemowit Jozefowski is looking forward to a career in Law after securing a place at University of Greenwich

When Ziemowit Jozefowski joined UTC Leeds in November 2018, he knew what he was letting himself in for. Moving up from Swindon, he had already been to a University Technical College (UTC) from age 14.

UTCs are government-funded science and technology academies developed with employers and universities to focus on the skills the UK needs for the future. They lead on STEM subjects and UTC Leeds specialises in Engineering.

Ziemowit said, “At that point, I wanted to go into Engineering and I already knew how a UTC worked. Out of the places around here offering Engineering courses, this was the one that appealed to me most.

“I like the smaller communities that you have in UTCs in general. You get to know the teachers much better, and vice versa, so it creates a better working environment, which I think is important for a good education.”

Not long after arriving, Ziemowit was voted as Head Boy at the UTC. The Head Boy and Head Girl are responsible for running the Student Council, with two Deputies. The process for gaining the position was rigorous: “Those who wanted the post had to write a letter to the Heads of Sixth Form about why they wanted the position, what they would do and how they could help. They had to make presentations to fellow students, then there was voting.”

Ziemowit is proud of his time as Head Boy and learnt skills which will stand him in good stead for his future career: “Being Head Boy has often meant leading, organising Student Council meetings and making sure that we stay on track. We organised representatives from each of the year groups and also committees for different issues like trips and the Year 11 Prom, as well as charity days, looking out for local charities we could support.”

Ziemowit studied a Double Engineering technical qualification worth two A Levels and secured a Distinction* Distinction*, alongside A Levels in Maths and Physics.

Ziemowit has decided to pursue an alternative career path in law and has got onto his first choice to study Law at University of Greenwich. After that, he plans to secure a training contract with a London law firm. Ultimately, he is interested in pursuing a specialism like corporate law. He feels that some of the disciplines of the Engineering course will stand him in good stead for legal training:

“From my investigations into what is involved in a legal career, there is a lot of research, and the great thing about the Engineering course here is that it required a lot of independent research as well as teamwork. The Maths and Physics courses were also good for problem solving. You learn how to work independently at the UTC and manage your own time. That’s what you need to do as a lawyer.”


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