Class of 2020 – Thomas Buckroyd, Year 13 - Student Stories - UTC Leeds

Engineering graduate Tom Buckroyd is progressing from UTC Leeds to an Adult Nursing Degree at Leeds Beckett University and feels that his time at the engineering-specialist college has helped to prepare him for this alternative career.

He said, “The Engineering course has helped me because engineering is about cause and effect and systems and processes, and I can translate that to cause and effect and systems and processes in the body.”

Tom also studied Physics at the UTC and said, “There are some very difficult concepts in Physics and it’s quite a tough course, so it’s prepared me for studying the science courses ahead of me.”

Tom joined the UTC in the sixth form because of the courses and has been rewarded with a Distinction* in Engineering. He said, “I enjoyed the hands-on engineering work in the workshop, using the kit. I very much liked the three-stage process, the idea, the design and the prototyping, making your design.

“I’ve always been interested in both nursing and engineering. I’ve loved what I’ve done here, but now I’m leaning towards nursing. I like the caring aspect – helping people in vulnerable times – and the knowledge that’s involved in nursing, the complex science. I think of it like engineering, because medicine is like biological engineering.

Now after gaining a Distinction* in his Engineering course alongside two A Levels, Tom has the UCAS points to meet his conditional offer and is celebrating being able to go to his first-choice option of Leeds Beckett University.

He said, “The thing about UTC is that you have a more professional, mature relationship with the teachers, and you get to know them a bit more. I find the teaching is better when it’s in a more comfortable environment.

“I’ve enjoyed the positive atmosphere that the teachers create here at the UTC. It’s a small sixth form so everyone is friends with everyone else, and no one is left out. There are no cliques, everyone is together and it’s a positive, enriching environment.”

Tom felt he received a lot of support for researching and applying for Adult Nursing courses from the UTC: “Mrs Fitzpatrick helped me find my way through courses on UCAS, guiding me to careers advice. It made me aware of other opportunities I could mix to bring in my love of nursing and engineering. I then went on a work experience with a medical physics unit in the NHS.”


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