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2nd September 2021

We launched a new campaign for incoming students this year to give them a taste of life at the UTC and get them excited about starting in September. The ‘Revving Up’ campaign involved three challenges which were posted to students, giving them chance to ‘Innovate, Collaborate & Engineer’.



In the first Revving Up challenge, students were sent materials to build a paper plane launcher, with the task of adapting the design to make the plane fly as far as possible. This encouraged students to use their knowledge of physics to be innovative.


In the second challenge, students were allocated teams and given instructions to write a programme which would create a randomly generated robot avatar. Team members were given different tasks, from creating PNG files to writing the script itself, working together to create the final product.


The final Revving Up challenge required students to carefully follow complex instructions to create a pop-up box. This tested their ability to apply their engineering skills and create something new.

We loved seeing students sharing the results of their work on social media and getting excited to join us in September. We can’t wait to see what they achieve!



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