26th March 2021

Today saw the first of what will hopefully be an ongoing series of engagements between the University of Leeds Faculty of the Environment and the UTC Leeds Geography Department.

This was a session hosted by Eva Zand, currently undertaking a PhD in Remote Sensing and Volcanology. Eva spoke about the Sentinel satellites and the instrumentation they carry that allows evidence of volcanic activity to be gathered and studied remotely. As part of this, she gave an in-depth explanation of the changes that volcanoes undergo before, during and after eruptions. Eva also demonstrated how the Earth Observation Browser can be used to manipulate imagery to make evidence of volcanic activity easier for scientists to identify. She went on to share the academic route that she took to get to her PhD, studying and completing internships across Europe before beginning her current research at the University of Leeds.

This has given our students a fascinating insight into the research being done by Eva and others like her as well as the software and hardware that is making cutting-edge research like this possible. Many thanks to Eva and to Jane Dickinson (Educational Engagement Lead Officer) for making this happen!


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