Mrs Wright Talks About Our Students and Screen Time on BBC Radio Leeds - UTC Leeds

11th February 2021

Mrs Wright, Assistant Principal at UTC Leeds, recently spoke to BBC Radio Leeds about how our amazing students have handled remote learning through the pandemic by engaging with online teaching.

Mrs Wright was asked whether the incorporation of online teaching, along with the use of technology for socialising and other activities, has meant that young people now inadvertently experience a damaging amount of time using screens.

“We need to make that division between negative encounters with screen time, and purposeful, meaningful encounters with screens,” she said. “We, as adults more naturally think of [screen time] as being something negative when actually digital literacy is so key to becoming an employable adult now.”

There was also discussion of how staff at UTC Leeds – and many other schools and colleges across the country – have been ensuring that students get enough screen time to continue effectively with their studies, whilst limiting any potential negative effects.

“It’s just about getting the balance right,” according to Mrs Wright. “It’s about using the screen in a positive way, but then making sure that we’re having that deliberate, directed time away from the screen as well.”

All of the staff at UTC Leeds are extremely proud of how our students have adapted to online learning during this time. We are looking forward to welcoming you back soon!

If you would like to hear Mrs Wright’s full radio interview, you can listen to it here:

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