Geography Students Take Trip To The Coast - UTC Leeds

14th February 2019

 A Level Geography students have been collecting data during a two-day trip to Holderness coast.

On the 24th and 25th January, Year 13 Geography students completed two-days of fieldwork on the Holderness coast. The trip formed part of their NEA individual fieldwork investigations which is worth a substantial 20% of their final grades. The aim was to collect primary data, such as photos or pebble measurements, analyse the data and evaluate whether the findings were reliable, valid or significant.

The students all chose to focus their investigations on Coastal management strategies, such as the hard engineering methods used by Hornsea, including a concrete sea wall and timber groynes, and the impact they have, compared to the unmanaged coastline at Barmston. This was a great opportunity for the geography students to more deeply understand the important links between geography and engineering.

The individual investigations meant that the students had to work independently from each other and lead their own inquiries. They had to come up with, and design, their own investigation title, aim and hypothesis, as well as choose their own fieldwork location and data collection methods. Following the collection of their data, the students also had to think about how they were going to analyse, display, evaluate and conclude their findings.

In order to complete their individual investigations successfully, the students had to show a high degree of development of the 7 UTC Leeds employability skills, with emphasis on ‘enquiry and analysis’ and ‘technological confidence and skills’.

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