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Meet young Leeds technical trainee, Husna Rehman Khan!

A graduate of University of Bradford, 27-year-old Husna Rehman Khan works at global manufacturing company Agfa Graphics. We asked her about being a technical trainee and what she enjoys.

What did you want to be when you were at school?
At school I always liked science. I didn’t have strong views on careers so I took the subjects I liked for A Level – biology, chemistry and maths. I got my best grades in chemistry, so I ended up doing a four-year Masters’ degree in chemistry at the University of Bradford and I really enjoyed it. University broadened my horizon and opened up doors for me.

Why did you choose to work at Agfa?
After I graduated in 2016 I moved to Leeds and applied for lots of lab-based roles. Agfa was offering a graduate trainee scheme which was a big attraction because trainees rotate around different departments. I didn’t want to be limited in one direction, and here I can learn what it’s like to work in the Quality, Engineering and Production departments.

What is a typical day like?
I started in March 2017. At the moment, I’m in Production. I’ve already done six months in Quality and six months in Engineering. In Production, I do 12-hour shifts from 7am to 7pm because the factory operates 24/7. My day starts with a handover to find out what’s been happening on our production lines overnight and if there are any issues. Then there are meetings to discuss any problems and come up with a plan of action. Our main priorities are keeping the production lines going at all times. I trouble shoot quite a lot and have to figure out how to solve problems.

What do you like about your job?
There’s lots to learn and I find that motivating. When I come into work, it’s not the same old routine all the time. There might be a problem to solve, and I’m constantly learning about all the things it takes to keep a factory running. I am learning from people who’ve worked here most of their lives and have very extensive knowledge. Everyone here is great, they’re so willing to teach and explain. I’d like to be able to teach myself, but that’s a long-term goal.

What do you like most?
I think Production is something I enjoy the most. I like solving problems in real time. There’s a good balance here between being told how to solve a problem and having to work out how to solve it yourself.

What are your next steps?
Hopefully to secure a permanent position here at Agfa Graphics. A number of employees are close to retirement, and when they retire a graduate trainee will take their role. There’s me and two other graduate trainees and now we’re just waiting for when jobs arise.

Why is your role good for a woman?
It’s good to break stereotypes and challenge yourself. You can add value to the job just like a man, the same amount of value and the same amount of respect. You just need the interest and motivation.

I didn’t know that this was a job opportunity for me when I was at school. Now I’m here, it feels good to be doing something I’m interested in.

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