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Meet Alise, a former UTC Leeds student who is now a Level 3 Apprentice in Civil Engineering at Stantec!

We spoke to Alise, 16, at Stantec, to gain an insight into the world of engineering and what it’s like to be an apprentice.

What does Stantec do?
Stantec is an engineering and environmental consultancy working on water, energy, infrastructure and building projects. Stantec consists of a group of scientifically minded people that work on projects together. We are involved in designing, building and working on environmental issues.

What does your apprenticeship involve?
Four days a week I work here, and I am involved in a wide range of tasks. For example, during the first half of the week I work in a Civil Team to complete projects, then I have a team meeting to discuss targets and goals. For the second half of the week I work alongside a Data Team, which is interesting. Once a week I go to college to complete my Level 3 BTEC in a construction environment, which has provided me with both educational and business experience.

How did you achieve your apprenticeship/job with Stantec?
I went through an application process and then I was interviewed, so it was straightforward. I needed certain grades to get onto my BTEC course, which I successfully achieved.

Have you always had an interest in engineering?
Yes, I have always been passionate about the engineering industry. UTC Leeds inspired me to pursue a career within this sector.

What are your ambitions for the future?
I would love to go to university to get a Master’s and to become a Chartered Engineer.

People often have a narrow perception of what engineering is about, how would you describe engineering?
I would describe it as people who have an interest in science and maths, who come together to solve problems.

How do you think your time at UTC Leeds helped you to achieve and prepare for your apprenticeship?
My experience at UTC Leeds developed my technical skills. I learnt how to work on machinery such as a manual miller and 3D printer and also how to use CAD software. Working with new people developed my confidence and I enjoyed connecting with teachers about engineering. Working with top employers, such as Braime and Siemens, prepared me for my apprenticeship at Stantec, as I got the chance to work in teams on projects and present our findings to an audience.

What sort of skills does it take to become an engineer?
You need several different skills, such as being good at maths and science, problem-solving and being determined to take on challenges.

How important do you think it is that we encourage more young women into engineering? What would you say to them?
Encouraging women to work within STEM subjects in general is important, as we need more women in engineering. There are a wide range of jobs within the engineering industry.

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