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One of our earliest partnerships was with Braime. In fact, the UTC was built in part of the historic Braime factory at Hunslet in Leeds. Braime consists of two companies – Braime Pressings Ltd, which started in 1888 and is an industry leader in metal pressings and sub-assemblies, and 4B Braime, which is a world leader in bucket elevator components and electronic monitoring.

Representatives of Braime have attended many of our open events, helping to showcase opportunities in the engineering sector to young people. We spoke to one of the sales engineers from Braime, Aniq Niazi, who attended one of our recent open events:

Tell us about Braime, what does the company do?

Braime has a lot of history in Leeds. Founded in 1888, it began as a metal bashing factory making lots of products out of steel. In fact, the original oil can design was a patented design of Braime. Now 4B Braime Group is at the forefront of conveying technology around the world.

What is special about the Braime factory?

The Braime factory is a landmark, grade-2 listed building. Nowadays we have ultra-modern automated production lines but the historic equipment still sits alongside showing our development through the years. The factory has even been the set for a number of films and period dramas, including the recent BBC TV hit the Peaky Blinders.

What do you do with the UTC?

We have a special relationship with the UTC. On a yearly basis we work with a number of students to provide one or two-week placements. This gives the students a sample of working in an engineering company in a few different roles.

We also hold open days and factory tours where groups of students can visit the factory. We show them different machinery, show them what the different processes are, and get them familiar with the day-to-day tasks of working in a factory.

Do you provide projects for UTC students?

Yes, we have a number of projects that we work with the UTC students on. For example, we had a problem in our factory where we were trying to design an A-frame to support some of our equipment, so we set a project for the UTC students to come up with an idea and see if they could help us with the design. With their up-to-date software and computer equipment, they came up with a design which we then made and we have actually installed. The group of students involved in that project was able to include this on their CVs and it helped them secure places at university. It’s an ongoing process and we provide as many opportunities for the UTC students as we can.

Why do you support the UTC?

We want to be able to help the next generation of engineers to be prepared for the world of engineering, especially in the UK. And as we have a UTC next door to us, it’s in our interests to make sure that any time the UTC needs anything we are the first ones to give them that experience and opportunity.

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