All students in years 10 and 11 study GCSE Mathematics. Mathematics is the cornerstone of engineering and pervades all subjects taught at the UTC. Across Key Stage 4, mathematics fosters and develops students’ resilience and problem-solving, two employability skills typified by successful engineers. The focus in the mathematics curriculum is on mastering the mathematical knowledge and then being able to apply that knowledge to both calculator and non-calculator GCSE questions including multi-stage problem solving questions. Students who do not gain a 4 in Mathematics at the end of year 11 will re-sit mathematics GCSE in year 12/13, following the course described below.

Mathematics GCSE (1MA1) Higher or Foundation

Exam board: Edexcel/Pearson

Year 10

Students learn how to:

  • Use number, including factors and multiples, rounding and estimation, fractions, ratio, percentages and surds.
  • Use algebra, including expanding brackets, factorising, solving equations, nth term and straight line graphs.
  • Use geometry, including area and volume, transformations, congruence, similarity, angles and bearings and Pythagoras’ theorem and trigonometry.
  • Use data handling, including sampling, bias, averages and measures of spread, charts and probability.
Year 11

Students learn how to:

  • Use number, including fractional and negative indices, surds, further percentages, compound interest, iterative methods and revision of year 10- topics.
  • Use algebra, including solving equations, expanding, factorising and solving and using quadratic equations, transformations of graphs, inequalities of graphs and simultaneous equations.
  • Use geometry, including Pythagoras’ theorem and trigonometry in 3D, volume and surface areas of cones, spheres and cuboids, loci and circle theorems.
  • Use data handling, including tree diagrams, Venn diagrams, probability, histograms, frequency diagrams, cumulative frequency diagrams and comparing box-plots.

Staff and Contact Details

Subject Leader: Karla Bennett – karla.bennett@utcleeds.co.uk

Assistant subject leader: Dan Russell – daniel.russell@utcleeds.co.uk

January Sambrook – January.sambrook@utcleeds.co.uk

Useful Links

www.mathswatchvle Students know their login and password.

www.corbettmaths.co.uk Excellent revision resources with no login needed.

www.mrbartonmaths.com Online resources tests and more

www.justmaths.co.uk More resources and revision materials

www.drfrostmaths.com Powerpoints, past papers and interactive questions

www.physicsandmathstutor.com Past papers and more revision materials

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