All students should present a smart appearance at UTC Leeds. The uniform policy is designed to support a purposeful and safe working atmosphere and we have aimed to make it smart, sensible and comfortable to support students with preparing for the world of work.  We expect students to wear the complete uniform in the appropriate way at all times and ask for full parental/carer co-operation in ensuring students are suitably dressed for school. Appearance should be of that expected in a work environment and therefore extreme styling is not acceptable. 


Hair must be a natural colour. Therefore coloured hair e.g. red, purple, blue etc is not allowed. No extremes of style are permitted. Long hair must be worn off the face and tied back in practical lessons for health and safety reasons

 Make up

Make up should be subtle and jewellery should be limited to one set of simple ear studs per ear. No facial piercings e.g nose studs/rings are allowed for safety reasons.

KS4 Uniform
  • UTC branded navy blue shirt with stiff collar, available from school supplier as below.
  • Formal plain black trousers.
  • Formal tailored school trousers means no jeans, tracksuit bottoms, skin tight trousers or leggings, and no combat trousers. Trousers must be of a straight, plain cut
  • UTC branded blue jumper.
  • UTC branded soft shell jacket is OPTIONAL.
  • Dark coloured socks must be worn.

Guidance on shoes

School shoes/boots need to be of a formal and sensible style.  They must be leather and entirely black with black laces.  In the interests of Health and Safety the following cannot be worn; stiletto heels, shoes without backs or covered toes, pumps or trainers.


PE Kit

PE kit is required ONLY if students are planning to opt for a sport activity for their enrichment sessions on a Wednesday afternoon. Full UTC PE kit must be worn for all sporting enrichment activities for Y10-13 students.

The PE kit is:
  • Navy football socks
  • Trainers
  • Navy shorts
  • UTC Leeds PE Polo


Suitability of clothing will be at the Principal’s discretion. Please ask the admissions team if you are unsure.

Please note: We reserve the right to instruct students not to wear any clothing we consider to be inappropriate. If necessary,inappropriately dressed students  will be removed from their lessons to work in isolation.

Uniform suppliers:

Uniform is available from our school supplier, which is Whittakers www.whittakersschoolwear.co.uk

Whittakers 3/5 Town Street Leeds LS28 5EN

Tel 0113 2566020

Post 16 Uniform

Business dress code:

  • Students must wear trousers, skirts or formal dresses. Skirts must be knee length and tailored, no stretch material is permitted. Jeans are not permitted.
  • Students must wear formal shirts/blouses (compulsory) and a formal blazer (optional). Shirts must have a stiff collar (not collarless or polo shirts) 
  • Students must wear formal, sensible shoes (not trainers) which are of a plain colour and do not have logos
  • Ties (optional)
  • Dark coloured socks must be worn.
  • Jumpers and cardigans are not permitted


Suitability of clothing will be at the Principal’s discretion. Please ask the admissions team if you are unsure.

School Bags

Bags should be a rucksack or messenger style bag, which is able to hold A4 size file items/stationery and can be fastened securely. Y10 and Y11 students must store their bag and outdoor clothing in their locker during the school day. Y12 and Y13 students must store their outdoor clothing in their locker during the school day.

Outdoor clothing

Outdoor clothing, including coats, hoodies and jumpers (except the UTC branded jumper for Y10/Y11) must not be worn in the school building.




All students:

The following equipment is required within school every day by all students in years 10-13. It is essential that students are fully prepared for the learning experience and have the equipment to allow them to take a full part in all learning opportunities. We have divided the equipment list into items that are essential and those which are desirable. 

In addition ALL students will need a combination padlock for their locker. They will need to bring this on the first day and inform the reception team of the combination code during the induction process.



Student Planner (will be provided by school)

Glue Stick

Pencil case

Coloured Pencils

Pens (black/ blue and a red pen)




Pencil Sharpener




Scientific Calculator






Pair of compasses


Year 12 and Year 13:
  •  A lever arch file for with 10 file dividers in.
  • We recommend  an A-level specific calculator. (Casio Classwizz is a good calculator) 


If you have any questions regarding uniform and equipment, please contact the pastoral team . For Y10 and Y11 this is Mr Ellis paul.ellis@utcleeds.co.uk and for Y12 and Y13 this is Miss Dean lauren.dean@utcleeds.co.uk