Student Stories

Welcome to the student stories section of our website. Here some of our students share their experiences of study at the UTC, discuss their different destinations and aspirations, and explain why they chose to join UTC Leeds.

Meet Naomi:

UTC Leeds Year 10 student Naomi knows where her future career lies: ‘From a young age I have been interested in drawing and designing. I want to go into either product design or architecture. UTC Leeds is just one step in making it happen. I want to go to university or get a degree through a job.’

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Meet Maisie:

Maisie joined UTC Leeds to give herself a head start: ‘The courses at UTC Leeds are better than elsewhere – I was particularly interested in the computing courses offered. I’m interested in both computing and engineering. I’d like to be an aerospace engineer.’ 

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Meet Charlie:

UTC Leeds aims to prepare students for the world of work, and Year 12 student Charlie is already experiencing the difference from his previous school: ‘Here the day is 9am to 5pm, like a working day. I think it’s a great idea to get used to it. Already at UTC I’ve learnt more about career choices and the kinds of things I will be doing in the workplace. For example, six people came in from engineering companies and told us about their roles and what they do, it was really helpful.’ 

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Meet Harry:

Enter Seventeen-year-old Harry is exploring his interests at UTC Leeds: ‘I thought Engineering might be something I’d like to do at university, but I wanted to give it a trial run, so UTC seemed like a good choice.

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Meet Igor:

Igor has his sights set on a career with global employer Google: ‘When I finish my studies, I would like to become a programmer. I’d like to go to work for a big company like Google.’ 

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Meet Katelyn:

Budding Engineer Katelyn joined UTC Leeds to get a head start for her career: ‘I joined UTC Leeds because I thought I would get a better education here, I’d heard recommendations from others. It was a fresh start and Engineering is what I want to go into.'

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Meet Chloe:

Year thirteen UTC Leeds student Chloe has always had a passion for STEM subjects: ‘I’ve always been more interested in maths and science than English. When it came to choosing my A Levels I wanted to do further maths, and I thought I’d like engineering; it’s applying maths and physics, so it sounded good when making my choices.’  

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