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What is a university technical college?

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) are government-funded academies that provide 14-19 year olds with a rounded education focused on developing the technical, personal and professional skills that the UK economy needs. They are not academically selective and they charge no fees.

A UTC curriculum includes one or two technical specialisms, which are linked to the skills gaps in its region and job opportunities in the UK as a whole. As well as core academic subjects, students can study GCSEs, A Levels and other relevant qualifications matched to these specialisms.

Each UTC is backed by employers and a local university who work with staff to develop a curriculum that gives students first-hand experience of what life is like after school.

UTCs have a special focus on science, technology, engineering and maths subjects, and all their technical and academic learning is designed to be applied in the workplace.

UTCs offer state-of-the-art learning facilities equipped with the latest technology and equipment to maximise the learning potential of their students.

Are there fees to attend?

No, the UTC is a form of government-funded education.

What are the advantages of a student going to a UTC instead of staying on at their previous school?

It allows a student to study a subject they are really enthused by in top-quality facilities that reflect the real workplace with the additional benefit of teachers working closely with industry mentors. Students also benefit from regular input and mentoring from local employers and universities.

Is 14 too young to specialise?

UTC students receive a broad education including English, Maths, and Science combined with practical and technical qualifications of which are recognised by employers and universities. They also develop business and financial literacy. The skills they learn and the qualifications they receive are transferable to other post-16 provisions and are recognised by employers.

What makes the UTC different?

Our employer partners, as well as the University of Leeds, shape the curriculum so everything that the students learn is connected to the world of work. The focus of all staff and students at the UTC is on securing excellent destinations – where you’re going to go when you leave us, whether that be university or an apprenticeship, or a degree apprenticeship.

Who are the sponsors of Leeds UTC?

Leeds UTC is proud to have support from the University of Leeds and is working in partnership with a range of local and national employers including Siemens, Unilever, Clarion, EEF and Leeds Chamber of Commerce.

Why specialise in advanced manufacturing and engineering?

There are lots of employers working in manufacture and engineering sectors in the West Yorkshire region and they are searching for skilled young people to fill jobs. Many of these employers are world famous and employ people nationally and internationally so the job opportunities are not just local. It is also recognised that there is a national skills shortage in manufacturing and engineering.

Will students have to wear a uniform?

Students in Years 10 and 11 wear a uniform that reflects what engineers wear. Years 12 and 13 can wear their own clothes.

If you already have support at school would you continue to get this at the UTC?

Yes. The UTC has staff who specialise in special needs and the building is designed to provide access for all and additional facilities for those who need them.

Will free school meals continue to be available?

Yes. All pupils eligible for free school meals will retain their entitlement.

Will the UTC offer apprenticeships?

The UTC is offering highly regarded technical qualifications alongside GCSEs and A-Levels. Students leaving the UTC at 16 or 18 will be well placed to take up Apprenticeships or Higher Apprenticeships.

What if I want to go to university?

The UTC offers A-Levels as well as other qualifications that provide the best grades to gain entry to the best Universities.

Will attending the UTC lead to a job?

With its specialist learning and the key partnerships with local employers in the UTC at every level, we are confident that students will leave the UTC able to compete for jobs and for entry to higher education.

Does the UTC select students according to ability?

No. Students applying in Year 10 should have a strong interest in Science, Maths, or Computing. However, all abilities of students are able to apply to join the UTC in Year 10. Details are provided in the full Admissions Policy. There are minimum entry requirements for entry in to Year 12.

How can I apply to the UTC?

Follow this link to fill out an application form https://www.utcleeds.co.uk/apply/

What happens if you want to join halfway through an academic year?

We will want to discuss with you whether this would be the right move for you, especially given the specialist nature of our courses. If it is, then you can join if there is a vacant place, or be added to our waiting list.

Will the UTC have parent governors?

Yes. There will be a minimum of two parent governors on the Board of Governors.

Will there be any additional costs for parents regarding equipment?

The UTC will provide state-of-the-art learning equipment for learning within school. Specialist kit may be provided by employers either based in the UTC or provided through site visits to their organisation. Students will not be required to provide their own specialist equipment.

When do we inform the current school that the child is leaving?

Once you have formally applied to the UTC and your application has been formally accepted, you may inform your current school. We can provide you with a model letter.

If my child attends the UTC will they be limited to engineering or manufacturing careers?

No, the UTC offers a broad and balanced curriculum including the core subjects you would find in mainstream schools enabling all UTC graduates to progress into their chosen progression route.

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